Monday, 3 November 2008

Culprate Dubstep

Culprate I have known about for a while, I found him on myspace.
Shocking and often jarring (making me slightly confused before finding my way back to the beat), I immediately loved his tracks.

Pretty soon He did a remix of My track "Tapped Cat".

Producing excellent experimental drum and bass and breakcore tracks he has recently switched to dubstep.
His sound transfers perfectly and his dubstep is just as experimental (if not more so).
The style seems to suite him better and is getting him some attention.

Top tracks to look out for,

"Japan RMX"
"Unknown dub
"Jedi RMX"
"Tapped cat RMX"


Lo-Lo said...

Where's a good place to find these tunes?

Sam said...

[PLANET003] Culprate - CaliginousBastille

1. Culprate - Egyptian Dub
2. Culprate & Slick & Polygon - Donkey
3. Culprate - Toddler's Nightmare
4. Culprate - Slipper
5. Culprate - Hallowed Point

Download it for free here -